Lyn Walker

Lyn is a Certified Financial Planner and a Fellow member of the Financial Planning Association, with over 30 years’ experience assisting many local clients with their financial journey. She specialises in Aged Care advice and assists clients and other professionals such as Financial Planners, Lawyers and Accountants helping their clients through the complex area of Aged Care.

Helping you through the Aged Care journey

A little advice can go a long way in avoiding the big mistakes in aged care.

Our Aged Care Services range from helping clients understand what their Aged Care fees will look like on day 1 of entering care, to providing strategies to reduce Aged Care fees or maximise Centrelink benefits, how to fund the cost of Aged Care, placement services to help you find a suitable Aged Care facility, through to project managing your move from home into aged care.

Aged care decisions can also impact Estate Plans, so it is important to get advice before making financial decisions around restructuring your assets to accommodate your Aged Care funding. A lot of people rush out to sell the family home to fund their Aged Care Accommodation costs.

Should you sell the family home, rent it out or leave it vacant?

Depending on your circumstances this decision can be critical to your cash flow position. The assessment of assets are treated differently for the purposes of your Age Pension and your Aged Care fees. Sometimes the decision to sell the family home can decrease your Age pension and increase your Aged Care fees creating a deficit cash flow position. Everyone’s situation is different so getting advice can be very important. We can help you avoid making big mistakes when it comes to aged care planning.

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